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Construction and Heavy Equipment

The heavy equipment industry plays a critical role in construction: it provides the machinery to increase productivity and expedite completion of projects. Today, advanced technology poses a challenge to the heavy equipment and construction industry. Heavy machinery such as forklifts, trench excavators or industrial trucks/tractors are more and more loaded with sensors and diagnostic tools, that record and display insightful information/alerts. Managers need to access these data in a timely manner, which is challenging since those equipment are scattered on multiple sites. The Naveo platform provides the necessary tools to remotely access, diagnose and troubleshoot them. Discover our fleet and asset management software developed and adapted to suit the construction sector.

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Key benefits for the construction and heavy equipment sector:

  • Obtain engine hours per equipment per site for billing purposes
  • Receive maintenance alerts from IoT devices on equipment, based on temperature, engine hours or vibration sensors
  • Obtain automatic daily worklog for each worker/driver
  • Receive alerts and schedule reports to perform maintenance activities on time and optimise equipment lifetime
  • Record all maintenance costs and detect any excessive expenses per kilometre or engine hour
  • Receive sudden drops, refuelling alerts and consumption reports/graphs to optimise fuel costs, with our unique fuel tank level monitoring tool
  • Advise customers/site managers on delivery schedule, lateness and job completion, through automated messaging
  • Process job sheets and confirm job performance using our FSM, featuring customised workflow and interface to ERP/CRM
  • Monitor workers' time in hazardous areas on job sites, as well as man down or inactivity status
  • Use our customisable safety scorecards to coach workers and encourage them to adopt safer habits

Transportation and logistics

Large companies that own hundreds of vehicles have a range of unique challenges when it comes to fleet management. Apart from being responsible for tracking vehicles and knowing where they are at all times, fleet operators have to manage efficiency, driver safety, expenses and profitability. The Naveo fleet and asset management software, designed for the transportation and logistics sector, meets all the complex requirements of a modern commercial fleet.

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Key benefits for the transportation and logistics sector:

  • Track your vehicles real-time position and get an overview of your vehicles' status through colour-coded icons
  • Obtain visits frequency and time at customer sites with our customer visited report for billing purposes
  • Receive alerts and schedule reports to perform maintenance activities on time and optimise vehicle lifetime
  • Receive sudden drops and refuelling alerts and consumption reports/graphs to optimise fuel costs, with our unique fuel tank level monitoring tool
  • Process job sheets and confirm deliveries using our Field Service Management (FSM), featuring customised workflow and interface to ERP/CRM
  • Advise customers on delivery schedule, lateness and job completion, through automated messaging
  • Use our customisable driver scorecards to coach drivers and encourage them to adopt safer driving habits
  • Monitor cargo temperature and safety, ensuring that the coldchain exigencies are met


Climate change with more frequent and intense droughts, storms and heat waves are causing great harm to agriculture. Precision farming and the use of technology to cater for the needs of individual plots and crops can help farmers lower their production cost and reduce losses. The Naveo platform, encompassing GIS, IoT and Telematics engines, greatly helps to reduce overall costs of operating on-field equipment and agricultural activities.

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Key benefits for the agricultural sector:

  • Monitor and improve field equipment efficiency and productivity with real-time information, such as live location, specific field coverage and on-board diagnostic (OBD) data
  • Geo-locate fields with attributes data such as soil type or surface area using interactive maps
  • Collect, maintain and analyse agriculture field data on a single platform
  • Use our Field Service Management (FSM) to record field operations/activities in real time
  • Obtain data automatically from field sensors for temperature, moisture, humidity, or rainfall and wind speed from weather stations
  • Create your own map layers
  • Integrate high resolution satellite or drone imagery
  • Perform spatial analysis for precise crop management information

Utilities and government

Since the advent of the pandemic and the increasing costs of fuel and raw materials worldwide, utilities and governments are under extreme pressure to meet their budgets. Technology can greatly help in locating, maintaining and operating assets in a cost efficient way. Since more than 5 years now, the Naveo platform is helping several government bodies and utilities to optimise their assets and fleet operations.

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Key benefits for government and utilities:

  • Visualise and monitor in real-time daily activities such as scavenging service completion per defined routes or other community services
  • Manage transport requests from initiation to planning up until completion, with updated status and ETAs communicated to all concerned parties
  • Schedule and manage maintenance activities and report on cost per kilometre per vehicle against budget
  • Monitor fuel tank level and consumption with graphs and instant fill and drop alerts
  • Improve safe driving behaviour, including over speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration monitoring
  • Geolocate and display assets such as light poles, drains and buildings per selection, based on village/road and/or operational status
  • Plan, schedule and monitor in real-time all maintenance activities with the Field Service Management (FSM) extension


Building automation in the hospitality sector helps to reduce costs of operations, optimise maintenance and ensure guest comfort. The Naveo for hospitality platform is a smart system assisting the technical management of hotels/guest accommodations and allowing central supervision and control of the property. It helps regulate technical systems like ventilation, lighting, power, fire and security.

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Key benefits for the hospitality sector:

  • Optimise meter reading by receiving automated information on energy usage, including gas, electricity and water
  • Improve occupant comfort. Aircon or heating systems can be set at predefined temperatures that are suitable for occupants
  • Detect system malfunctions ahead of time to prevent costly or irreversible damages
  • Help secure the building by alerting Facility Managers in case of an intrusion or fire outbreak
  • Provide Facility Managers with customised reports giving a comprehensive overview of building performance 
  • Schedule and manage maintenance activities and report on cost per equipment


An integrated building system increases efficiency and lowers operating expenses.The Naveo platform combines data from all hospital subsystems, including HVAC, energy management, fire safety, air quality and security, into a single, centrally monitored total building solution that can help reduce energy consumption, streamline maintenance, improve occupant comfort, safety and security, comply with hospital building codes, and improve sustainability.

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Key benefits for the healthcare sector:

  • Improve patients' comfort by regulating HVAC systems to a suitable temperature
  • Receive custom alerts when set thresholds are exceeded
  • Full visibility of the facilities to allow building managers to make informed decisions in case of emergencies
  • Improve the safety and security of your building by integrating alarm systems that notify Facility Managers in case of intrusions or fire outbreaks in real time
  • Gain control of your hospital operational costs and lower energy consumption by conserving energy when the room is not occupied
  • Detect malfunctions in systems early enough to prevent costly or irreversible damages
  • Empower your healthcare staff with data to make informed decisions
  • Integrate all systems within the hospital to be controlled and monitored on a central platform

Smart City

Technology - particularly telematics - propelled by artificial intelligence (AI) drives modern city planning and urban development. Your cities can become more interconnected than ever before, turning billions of data points into meaningful decisions and enabling them to function smartly, thanks to the Naveo platform’s real-time data and visibility.

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Key benefits for smart cities:

  • Improve your occupants' comfort by setting rooms to a predefined, suitable temperature
  • Optimise parking spaces with smart parking, calculating occupancy rate of parking spaces and measuring parking time, amongst others
  • Monitor and control Heating, Ventilation and Air condition (HVAC) systems within your buildings, and controls CO2 levels 
  • Optimise traffic control by regulating traffic, improving road safety and evaluating traffic density
  • Irrigate green spaces remotely
  • Improve your buildings' security and safety by installing alarm systems that notify Facility Managers in case of intrusion or fire outbreaks
  • Give access to real time meter readings that keep track of energy consumption
  • Integrate all systems within the smart city so you can centrally monitor each system from a single platform anytime, anywhere