MAY 21 - SARO extends our solutions to its other departments


SARO AGRO INDUSTRIAL LTD (SARO) is a major supplier of tractors, agricultural machinery, pumps, irrigation equipment, generators, solar back-up, mining, construction machinery and food processing equipment in Zambia. They also provide quality after-sales service to their client.

We have been providing SARO with our GPS Fleet Management solution for over 5 years including

  • Real-time GPS tracking,
  • Accurate customized Trip History reporting,
  • Alert Customization based on set exceptions to manage driver behavior and asset utilization.

As of May 2021, SARO shifted vehicles from another department (which was being monitored on a competitor’s platform) to NAVEO platform on account of our high service quality and highly reliable information from our platform supporting SARO’s Fleet Management operational decisions.