Building Management System

Discover Naveo’s Building Management System, a complete IoT platform comprising layers of communication protocols, networks and controls, that integrate all subsystems into a single ecosystem. With Naveo’s RBMS, Facility Managers will gain a holistic perspective of a building’s performance, helping them make informed, critical business choices.

When implemented into infrastructures, buildings become more functional, efficient, safe and comfortable. According to some estimates, automating HVAC and lighting systems alone can save up to 30% on a building’s overall energy consumption.

Increase energy efficiency and savings

The Naveo BMS gives users the ability to monitor and control energy usage within a building in real time, by automating equipment functioning based on predetermined rules and scenarios. This in turn brings considerable energy savings.

Building Management System

Change from proactive to predictive maintenance

Our AI algorithms will help detect system malfunctions ahead of time to prevent costly or irreversible damages.

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the Full Picture

The solution will provide you with real-time context-based insights on building conditions, assets, and equipment. And the embedded GIS functions will provide Facility Managers with geographical views of the whole site as well as floor level visbility, with visual alerts in case on malfunctions.

Increase guest satisfaction

The system helps to greatly improve guests and occupants comfort - AC or heating systems can be set at predefined temperatures that are suitable for them. And the settings for lighting, blinds and other amenities can automatically be adjusted based on occupancy.

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Receive realtime meter readings

Apart from periodic readings, the solution provides statistics on energy usage, including gas, electricity and water. And it allows for the installation of sub meters to determine energy usage in specific areas of the building.

Improve safety and security

Alarm systems can be integrated into the system to alert decision makers in case of an intrusion or fire outbreak, where the system can activate extinguishing systems, release evacuation doors and stop elevators in a safe position.