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Field service Management

Field service management helps organisations manage tasks which need to be performed on the field. By optimizing their field service management, companies can streamline workforce operations, improve productivity, and simplify daily life - not only for field workers on the job site, but also for administrative staff back in the office.

Experience the next level of field service

Naveo’s field service management solution merges a robust back-office planning tool with a mobile app offering field workers real-time automated job scheduling. Jobs and service requests can be easily captured and sent to field workers while they are on the go, giving them precise information on, and turn-by-turn directions to, the job.

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Communicate seamlessly with your field workers

Dispatch jobs to field workers directly on their smartphones, along with precise instructions, schedules and updates in one centralized place. They can then spend more time focusing on what really matters: customers.

Send customers automatic messages to keep them informed on scheduled deliveries

Naveo designs innovative solutions which connect assets and people. We translate these solutions into value for our clients, from Africa to the world, through our professional and consulting services.

Improve visibility for jobs executed

Our FSM solution helps collect, track, and analyze crucial data (like job completion times, expenses, and field notes), driving better business decisions.

Implement standardized workflow processes

Having employees follow a standardized workflow process has an immediate impact on efficiency and service.

Increase employee empowerment

Field service management tools give employees increased flexibility. They can access data like customer information or inventory levels at any time from any place. And this in turn empower them to creatively address issues can lower costs while improving customer relations.

Monitor whether drivers are following their assigned routes

Naveo’s planning, scheduling & dispatching module allows you to monitor and optimise routes, taking into consideration basic factors like time windows, stop durations, vehicle capacities and lunch breaks.