Robotic Process Automation

Naveo's RPA solution streamlines workflows, making organisations more profitable, flexible and responsive. It also increases employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity, by removing mundane tasks from their workdays.

Our RPA brings quick and accurate automation of repetitive and routine manual tasks, as well as handling of repetitive business processes using software robots to perform tasks, parse and trigger error-free responses.

Reduce company costs

The Naveo RPA allows a drastic reduction of costs, guaranteeing efficiency in the application of resources and dispensing labour for automated tasks. This way, it is possible to reallocate all investment in training and prepare professionals for more complex tasks.

Gain productivity

By automating processes using machines, you can achieve much higher productivity peaks, depending only on available resources. Our RPA solution guarantees an absence of interruptions in the production line thanks to the machines guiding the entire process.

Scale the business

Managing machines and the number of robots working in the company is much easier than hiring, training and relocating employees for specific functions. With the machine’s power, we can replicate the entire operating belt and ensure the scalability of the business to operate on fronts and regions you would never have imagined possible with a human workforce.

Increase the quality of data analysis

Robots can interact with several different sources and databases, collecting data and presenting information to end-users (humans) in an orderly manner. This reduces the possibility of manual errors and guarantees higher quality of the organisation’s analysis and decision-making power.